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Police Investigate Cause of Death of UI Student in Boarding Room – The police are still waiting for the autopsy results and to investigate the cause of the death of University of Indonesia student, Syahrul Amru (21), in his boarding room in Kukusan, Beji District, Depok City.

The police are still waiting for the autopsy results and investigating the cause of death of a University of Indonesia (UI) student in his boarding room in the Kukusan Village, Beji District, Depok City, West Java on Thursday (21/12/2023) afternoon. The victim was Syahrul Amru (21), a 7th semester student of the Geophysics Department in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UI.

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Beji Police Sector Chief, Commissioner Jupriono, said that they have not been able to determine the cause of the victim’s death as they are still waiting for the autopsy results at the Polri Kramatjati Hospital in East Jakarta.

From external examination, no injuries were found on the victim’s body. The results of the examination by the doctor’s team and the identification team of the Metropolitan City Police of Depok also showed no injuries on the victim’s body, neither from blunt nor sharp objects.

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“Previously, we have conducted an investigation of the crime scene. Until now, we are still continuously conducting an investigation by searching for information around the crime scene to determine the cause of the victim’s death, whether it was due to a crime or not,” he said on Saturday (23/12/2023).”

Based on preliminary examination, the police suspect that the victim from Blitar died of natural causes. This is because the police found a number of pieces of evidence such as medicine, such as cough medicine and cold medicine at the scene of the incident.

“According to the witness’ statement, who is the victim’s roommate, the victim had complained of feeling ill a few days prior,” said Jupriono.

“We are continuously seeking information to strengthen the findings at the crime scene. We are still conducting an investigation to ascertain what happened at the scene and the cause of death is still unknown,” said Jupriono.

The body swells

The Head of Public Relations of the Metropolitan Police Department in Kota Depok, Iptu Made Budi, added that the victim was found dead in his rented room lying face up. The police estimate that the victim had been dead for 2-3 days before being discovered.

“Observing the condition of the swollen body, it is estimated that the victim has already passed away two days ago,” said Made.

They then reported the incident to the boarding house owner, then reported it to the Beji Metropolitan Police Station and was forwarded to the Metropolitan City of Depok Police Station. SA’s family has also met SA’s body at Polri Hospital.

The death of the UI student in his boarding room is not the first time it has happened. In August 2023, a UI student was found dead in his boarding room in the Beji area of Depok.

This murder started when Altaf escorted Naufal back to his boarding house. Altaf and Naufal have been friends since their education at UI.

However, Altaf had already stored a folding knife in his motorcycle seat. Upon arriving at Naufal’s boarding house, he took out the knife and placed it in his pants pocket.

From Altaf’s confession, it is revealed that he heartlessly killed Naufal because he was caught up in an online loan (pinjol). Altaf intended to take possession of the victim’s property in order to pay off his debts.


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