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China’s Danger in Jokowi’s Era!

By: Sutoyo Abadi, Coordinator of Red and White Political Studies By the mid-19th century, the number of Chinese immigrants had already reached a quarter of a million people. This number continued to increase until 1930. The growing number of Chinese people then lived in groups in one area which was under the control of the Dutch East Indies government. Commonly called Chinatown.In the socio-cultural field, they were merged into the Tiong Hoa Hwee Koan (THHK) organization.

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Meanwhile, in the economic field, the Siang Hwee organization, a Chinese chamber of commerce (Chineze kamer van koophandel) was founded. They then live forever in the archipelago.Khublai Khan’s desire to dominate Java has never subsided and was extinguished. The Chinese throughout history have continued to flock to the archipelago. In 1619 the Dutch appointed Souw Beng Kong as Kepitein der Chinezen in Batavia. In 1837 Tan Eng Goan appointed as Mayor der Chinezen in Batavia.

At that time, it was practiced by Chinese citizens to bribe company employees. By drinking liquor to giving regognitiegeld (money paid annually which is paid in recognition of rights).The Dutch would not be able to control the archipelago for 350 years without the help of Chinese officers who actually carried out and carried out the order of suppression. For centuries the Dutch inherited a predominantly Chinese economic structure.

Chinese treason in the archipelago, among others:– Became Dutch accomplices in colonizing the archipelago.- Harassing indigenous people as Inlander and classified in the lowest class.– In the battle of November 10, 1945, it gave the allies room to move. It’s natural not to care about the natives who are covered in blood. Even activates the ruthless pigtail warrior known as Poh An Tui– As a Dutch accomplice in the battle of the first aggression on 21 July 1947.– Established and funded the Muso PKI including supplying weapons.– Funded and supported the PKI. DN Audit then erupted G 30 S PKI.After the G 30 S PKI tragedy, the Presidential Instruction No. 14 of 1967 contains, among other things, restrictions and celebrations of China. Followed by Circular No. 06/Preskab/6/67 regarding the use of Chinese names and Chinese/Chinese terms are left out.The actions of the Chinese community are closely monitored by the China Affairs Coordinating Board (BKMP), which is part of the Intelligence Coordinating Agency (Bakin).

The Presidential Cabinet Decree No. 127/U/KEP/12/1966 on names for Chinese people. Successive decisions of the President of the Cabinet no. 37/U/IV/6/1967 on the Main Policy for the Settlement of the Chinese Problem. In the same year, there was a Circular of the Presidium of the Cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia no. SE.06/PresKab/6/1967 concerning the basic policy of foreign citizens in the assimilation process, especially preventing the possibility of a racially exclusive life. Indonesian citizens who still use Chinese names are replaced with Indonesian names.

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They adhere to the teachings and philosophy of Sun Tsu, the Art of War, studied diligently and earnestly. Business politics, business is war. If the market is a battlefield then strategy and tactics are needed. Sun Tsu wrote:“Attack them when they least expect it, when they are caught off guard. You have to be invisible. Mysterious So that you are not palpable. Then you will master the fate of your opponent. Use spies and deception in every endeavor. This whole life is based on deception.

”When the Natives were being continuously attacked, the Presidential Instruction No. 27 of 1998 concerning the Cessation of the Use of the Terms Indigenous and Non-Indigenous. A decision that eliminates the historical roots of the formation of the Republic of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the UN actually protects the existence of Indigenous people. Through the UN General Assembly on September 13 2007, acknowledged that in every hemisphere there are indigenous people (Indigenous People = Indigenous) who must be protected. The founders of this nation had thought to protect their children and grandchildren from the evil that would destroy them. That’s where Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution were born.As a tribute to the indigenous people, Bumiputera Insurance was born. During the time of President Gus Dur, Presidential Instruction No. 14/1967 which prohibited ethnic Chinese from celebrating religious festivals and the use of Chinese characters was repealed, with the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 6/2000, which gives Chinese citizens the freedom to carry out religious rituals, traditions and culture to them. When President Megawati issued Presidential Decree no. 19 of 2002, Chinese New Year became a national holiday.History continues which the founders of this beloved country never thought about.

At the Plenary Session of the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia on December 9, 2001, the third amendment of the 45th Constitution. The struggle of the nation that was painstakingly endured and fought for suddenly came to an end. The rights of the Indigenous People, known as the Trilogy of Indigenous Peoples, are considered non-existent. Indigenous people are no longer recognized as the founders of the state, rulers and owners of the state.

Article 6 (1) of the 1945 Constitution which originally reads: “The President is an ORIGINAL Indonesian.. has been changed to: “The President and Vice President must be Indonesian citizens from birth and have never received another citizenship of their own will, have never betrayed the state, and mentally and physically able to carry out their duties and obligations as President and Vice President.At this point, Khublai Khan’s dream since the 13th century has been realized and has managed to penetrate the center of political control. Showed to the world the legacy of the nation’s struggle at the turn, the state fence was torn down. The golden opportunity for citizens, especially those of Chinese descent, to jump into establishing a political party, has been predicted to lead to dominion over the archipelago.

During the time of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Presidential Decree no. 12 of 2014 concerning the revocation of the Ampera Cabinet Presidium Circular no. SE – 06/Pred.Kab/6/1967, it reads “we cannot say that CHINA is replaced by CHINESE or CHINESE community.At first glance, this history is extraordinary, Indonesia has never questioned its ancestral country as its original identity (Indian, Arab, etc.) In the history of the archipelago continues to be a traitor to the nation and state.

Of course, there are some citizens of Chinese descent who appear patriotic to defend the country, even as ministers.History has come to record that in the era of President Jokowi, the country has opened up without a hitch under the pretext that investment in Chinese foreign workers is not being watched over, and even protected under various pretexts as skilled workers and other excuses.

There is public unrest that Indonesia is close and even under the control of the RRC, it cannot be blamed and cannot be underestimated. Moreover, the country is trapped in a very large debt with the PRC and Chinese citizens who are often called the Oligarchy have controlled all state institutions. Mastering all economic sectors and the political direction of the Indonesian state.The country is in peril, and peril! (AHM)

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