Minggu, April 21, 2024

Red and White Political Study: In the 2024 Presidential Election, There is a Dark RRC Conspiracy! There is a dark Chinese conspiracy in the Presidential Election (Pilpres) where the Bamboo Curtain country has a champion who is expected to win to continue various projects in Indonesia.

“A dark conspiracy with China (Xi Jinping) – ends in disaster in the 2024 Presidential Election,” said Red and White Coordinator of Political Studies Sutoyo Abadi to, Thursday (4/5).

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According to Sutoyo, various countries can see that Indonesia’s policy direction under President Jokowi is more inclined towards China.

“Close your eyes and heart and are blind to see in parts of several countries the President who has become a puppet of China,” said Sutoyo.

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In order to appear strong, said Sutoyo, President Jokowi only deals with coalition affairs every day. The meeting to determine the presidential and vice-presidential candidates was amazingly wrapped in a narrative of national consolidation. The palace is the post for the victory of the presidential candidate of his choice. On the outside, the Great Indonesia Coalition, Great Indonesia, echoes of various bombastic slogans without essence or meaning.

“Forgetting everything and completely, we are like being hypnotized by the occurrence of a silent invasion, namely an invasion, political, economic, human, and of course cultural invasion, which is deliberately “they” – through secret agents – infiltrate people’s lives, recruit potential traitors, selling pride, “said Sutoyo. (AHM)

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