Jumat, Maret 1, 2024

‘No viral, no justice’: Detained Indonesian whistleblower Alvin Lim’s teenage daughter leads social media campaign to free him “My dad isn’t a terrorist. So why was he arrested? In fact, he often represents the downtrodden,” said 15-year-old Kate Lim in a video clip that quickly went viral on Indonesian social media.

The teenager, the only child of Alvin Lim, a nationally known lawyer popular with the everyday man, also appealed to President Joko Widodo to “uphold justice” by facilitating her parent’s release.

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Lim, 45, who has often represented people with no money for legal fees, is accused of involvement in fake identity cards – needed for most aspects of life in Indonesia – for a couple making a claim with a major insurance firm in 2017.

They used his address without his knowledge and the insurance firm took Lim to court, but the case was dismissed by the Supreme Court, the nation’s highest court, in 2018 even after the lawyer had spent nine months behind bars, before and during his trial.

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